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Can I share the HC connection between several computers?

Yes.  A very easy way to do this is to use the connection sharing in
Windows 2000 (and 98SE) if you have it -- just go to the Sharing tab of the 
Connection properties.  Bernie Greene suggests another way:

"I have two machines networked at home too. One running W2K and the other
Win98. Both are able to access the net using the one HomeChoice connection
which is to the W2K machine by using a proxy server. The one I use is called
"Proxy" and comes from AnalogX. Here is a url for the product

You run the proxy on the machine that has the connection and set the other
to connect via a proxy. The programme comes with good notes on how to set it
up and if you have any problems I can help you out."

Another proxy is available from  
Andrew Betts suggests the following config: "Disable all daemons except DNS.  
This will make your proxy completely transparent and allow each of the computers 
on your network to address the home choice proxy directly."

See also questions about connection sharing with Linux and about 
choice of IP addresses.

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Max, Wed Feb 6 18:04:25 2002