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Some ideas for connecting the STB to 2 TV sets

Here are some possible wiring diagrams you could use
to connect the STB to two TV sets.

The "----->" lines are UHF co-ax cable similar to
Maplin part# PA21X unless otherwise stated.  
You may need a few UHF connectors to make up the 
cables you need, parts# YW09K (socket) and HH07H (plug).
The splitter is Maplin part# FS23A or FT85G

(You don't have to buy the stuff from Maplin I just
quoted them here for clarification, Wickes is quite
cheap for cable but check the quality.)

Do try to get decent quality co-ax cable, if your cable runs 
alongside the telephone line (as mine does) it is possible 
to get crosstalk interference from the high-frequency ADSL 
signal on the phone line, in the form of irritating diagonal
bands of brightness variation across the picture - I still 
need to check this out in detail but I wish I'd put
in better cable (with foil shield as well as braid) whilst 
I had the chance.

Basic STB-only, no video, no SCART, 2 TV sets:

Aerial in------>in STB out----->Splitter------->TV 1
                                    |---------->TV 2

STB + Video + 2 TV sets, no SCART:

Aerial--->in VHS out---->in STB out--->splitter---->TV1

If you do it the other way round (STB feeds VHS) you may
get Macrovision problems (the copy protection system used
by HC) typically the brightness changes lighter and darker
in an irritating way.  Older videos are less susceptible.

STB + video with SCART + 2 TV sets without SCART:

Aerial----->in VHS out------>splitter------->TV1
               scart             |
                 ^               |------->TV2
STB scart--------|(scart

Tune the TV to the video channel and set the VHS to auxiliary
input ("AU" on mine) to watch HC.  Phew!  This is what I do!
This suffers slightly from Macrovision problems but my video
is so old it's fairly immune, newer ones may not work.


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