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What cabling do I need to connect to Homechoice using a Mac G3?

The solution is a cable mac serial (DIN-8) 2 standard 9  pin serial (DB-9)
I have Mac din-8 2 male DB-9 pin serial and it works.

The mac serial connector is the one that goes to the modem or the printer
connector (same same).

PC- ONE (If male goes 2 the STB - If Female Goes 2 the cable provided by HC)
\o o o o o/
 \o o o o/

Mac - ONE (goes to the modem or printer connector.  Modem iz better)

/ o o o \  <-this side has a symbol like two arrows going in 
|o  o  oŽ   the opposite direction.
\ o  o  /


Maplin used to sell this cable but now ?

You should be able to find this: ...still
Mac DIN-8 to DB-25 Cable  (code:NN28F)
DB-9 to DB-25 Adapter

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