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How do I get Microsoft Netmeeting (MSN) to work with Homechoice?

up until the night before last i have had no trouble with net meeting voice and vision, sound failed the other evening but i haven't investigated this yet. steve flynn 01/04/02
WIN98 MSN version: 4.5, Connection options: nothing (no proxy selected whatsoever) so pretty much standard setup, no tweeking etc.
People are reporting good results with "Trillian" a program which can connect to all sorts of different chat servers, ie:
Aol Imstant Messenger
Yahoo Messenger
MSN Messenger

Download it from Ed, Wed Apr 30 22:58:02 2003 messenger has been removed
G.., Tue Oct 14 22:35:30 2003, Thu Feb 5 00:28:08 2004

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