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How do I connect to Homechoice using FreeBSD?

FreeBSD supports 2 different PPP implementations, kernel-mode pppd and user-mode ppp. A good starting point with plenty of links discussing both is at

I downloaded the latest version of the user-mode implementation from the above link, since I have quite an old version of FreeBSD (2.2.8). Newer installations of FreeBSD are OK as distributed.

Compile and install from the source as per the instructions provided with it, then install the following as your /etc/ppp/ppp.conf file:

         set device /dev/cuaa2  # Replace this with your serial port - this is "COM3".
         set speed 115200
         set log chat command id0 ipcp lqm ccp cbcp phase
         # Uncomment these lines if you want to use network address translation
         # nat enable yes
         # nat deny_incoming yes
         # nat use_sockets yes
         # nat unregistered_only yes

         # Homechoice set-top-box - runs PPP continuously, no login needed
         set dial ""
         set hangup ""
         disable enddisc   # Without this, it seemed unable to agree a "magic number"(?)
         add default HISADDR
         set timeout 0
         set mtu 1492

To start ppp, enter the command:

    $ ppp -background homechoice

If you have problems, check /var/log/ppp.log and /var/log/messages. One problem I'm seeing is data overruns. Lots of them. Bad news. I have a high-speed Hayes serial port card, which boasts 1k transmit and receive buffers, and can go up to 230kbits, so I shouldn't have any problems IMHO. (It's well supported in the FreeBSD kernel).

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