Homechoice: Unsupported Operating Systems

How do I connect to Homechoice using Windows 2000?

Go to Settings|Control Panel|Phone & Modem Options and choose the Modems tab. Click Add... and check the don't detect my modem box before clicking Next. If you have HOMECHOICE listed as a manufacturer, choose the Set Top Box and click Next. If you don't have HOMECHOICE listed, click Have Disk and specify the \Utilities directory on their CD as the source path.

Finish off installing the new modem on the appropriate COM port where you connected your box (probably COM1).

Next you need to set up the dial connection.
Click Start|Settings|Network & Dial-up|Make New connection.
Set up the new connection against the HC Set Top Box using 0 (zero) for the phone number and any username and password. "Redial if line dropped" is probably a good idea. No need to manually set any IP configuration.

That should be it. Next step is to set the web proxy (which does seem to help) and perhaps the SOCKS proxy in games etc. See XXX

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Max, Wed Feb 6 18:28:25 2002