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How do I actually make a local network for sharing the HC connection?

There are lots of ways to do this. Two Ethernet-based methods are as follows (which assume that each computer has an Ethernet card):
  1. Get a crossover Ethernet cable and connect a second computer to the HC-connected computer.
  2. Get an Ethernet hub (small hubs such as the NetGear are now available for less than forty pounds) and connect a variety of network devices to it, including the computer with the HC connection.

An interesting variation on (2) is to use a minimal computing device as the bridge between the hub and the serial connection to the HC box. For example, a diskless PC or one of the "network appliance"-type products can provide a neat solution.

Once the physical network is built, you need some software on the device that needs to share its HC connection -- see questions XXX, XXX and XXX.

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Max, Wed Feb 6 18:02:59 2002