Homechoice: Troubleshooting

How do I debug Windows dial-up networking (using a Homechoice STB modem)?

Get the "Modems Properties" window by clicking Control Panel->Modems.

Select your modem (in this case, HC105 Set Top Box) from the list, and press Properties.
A Properties window for the modem (HC105 Set Top Box Properties) should appear.

Select the "Connection" tab, and press "Advanced...".
The "Advanced Connection Settings" window should appear.

Tick the box "Record a log file" and press "OK". Nowhere to choose where it goes, notice?!
Press "OK" to close your modem's properties window.
Prsss "Close" on the "Modems Properties" window.

Start "Dial-Up Networking" either from the Start->Programs->Accessories menu or from a shortcut on your desktop if you have one.
Press "Dial" and Windows will begin to attempt to make a connection.

The log file is stored in the C:\WinNT directory (where else?!) beginning with "ModemLog_" followed by the name of your modem. So for Homechoice it is "C:\WinNT\ModemLog_HC105 Set Top Box.txt".
Use your favourite editor to open the file and see what happened.

The only way I have found to change the log file location is by editing the registry, search for values containing "ModemLog" and you will find the correct entry eventually. It was set in two different places on my machine, I changed them both.

Also of possible interest is the the modem control file. For the Homechoice set top box is called "videonet.inf" and is stored in C:\WinNT\INF\videonet.inf

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