Homechoice: General Questions

Can I host my website on my own computer?

Primarily No, but Yes in a very limited way.
  1. Because of the use of dynamic IP address allocation on the Homechoice network you will need to use a service such as DynDNS or Dynu to provide a consistent DNS name by which others can access your machine.
  2. Even when you have set up the above, Homechoice use a NAT (Network Address Translation) firewall and a private IP address range on the internal network. This prevents inbound connections from the rest of the world to individual users. Your website will only be accessible to other Homechoice subscribers.
If you just want to use static HTML pages and don't need server-side functionality (cgi-bin, PHP, Java servlets etc) the web space provided with your account ( will do fine. See "How do I access my free 20Mb webspace?"

If you do need server-side functionality then see "Can I use CGI/PHP etc scripts on my Homechoice web space?"

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