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Why can't I access certain websites?

Probably because you haven't put the proxy server settings in your 
Internet browser.  For reasons currently unknown, some sites can only be
accessed through the proxy, for example:

To configure the HTTP proxy in IE4 and 5, open the Internet options dialog 
(on IE4 View > Internet Options, on IE5 Tools > Internet Options) and 
click the connection tab.  In Netscape Navigator 4, the required settings 
can be found in Edit > Preferences > Advanced.

Set the proxy settings to the following:
               Port:    3128

Use the same proxy settings for all protocols except SOCKS.

For Linux (at least) this problem is solved by setting the MTU to 1492,
as documented in question XXX.  Windows users have also reported 
improvements with this setting.  For more information about setting MTU 
on Microsoft operating systems, see: question 17

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rose, Mon Dec 2 22:01:30 2002