Homechoice: Optimising the connection

It's not as fast as I'd like - is there a problem with my connection?

1Mbit/sec service:
You should be able to upwards of around 800Kbit/s (100 KByte/s) download, and 80Kbit/s (10Kbyte/s) upload. A simple and reasonably accurate test is at

Shortly after the 1Mbit service went live some users were reporting speeds about 20-30% slower than this. They fixed it as follows:

Using Internet Explorer, visit

Run the auto-fix from that location, select the "Low Latency" button, and you should be in business.

Having a firewall may knock a couple of points off your download speed, but hardly anything.

115Kbit/sec service:
You should be able to get just over 80 kbit/s (10 kbyte/s). See the following questions if you aren't getting this speed.

To test what speed you are getting, the best way is to do a long download from a local server and time it. However, there are a number of easier but less accurate ways to do it, including:

Remember that your speed is dependent on the server you're downloading from - try a few before reaching a conclusion. Some people have also suggested that speeds could be lower if you're a long way from the local BT exchange.

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Max, Tue Dec 10 15:41:53 2002